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When we listen to music these days, we sometimes find ourselves fitting into a mold of obscurity. What I mean by that is we have become so self centered to the type of music we listen to. Most people don’t like to find something new or find something that is different. So what do we do? We sit back and listen to the music that makes us comatose. Well readers, I have found a sound that makes me feel very nostalgic yet updated in music. The sound I am referring to is the sound of singer/songwriter, Jason Rylan.

“Ain’t Nobody (Got Time For That)” – Song Review

The best way I can describe Jason would be that the first song off his album , THE CHARM entitled “Ain’t Nobody (got time for that)”, is one of those songs that you almost would think that the band INXS would have recorded. His vocals are so clean and refreshing. Obviously he used the title from the viral video that over 20 million people have seen. With a little bit of 80’s funk mixed in with several updated drum and bass, this song could be an anthem for anyone that has a busy schedule. If you have been bombarded with a shit ton of work and someone asks you to do something that obviously isn’t relative to what you are doing, this would be your song at that very moment. I can’t deny it, Jason def hit the nail on the head with this song. He def knows how to write a feel good and justification song for the busy people out there in the world.


“SKYLINE” – Song Review

This is one of those LGBT songs that makes you look at people differently. Let’s face it, this world is still not ready for people to fall in love with whoever they want. The world tends to shun people who are different, but what I got from this song is that Mr. Rylan didn’t care who or what heard this song. The crazy thing is that I had to listen to it a couple times to catch what he was saying; I wanted to exactly hear what some of the lyrics were. His voice is melodic in a way that makes you want to continue listening to his music. This song gives you the feeling of letting loose of everything you are and not be afraid to be out there and be you.


Final Thoughts

Jason Rylans new album, THE CHARM, is an album that makes you want to jump up for joy because it represents equality for all. Whether you’re a homosexual or heterosexual you are going to be blown away from this album due to what Jason Rylan stands for. He is himself and he takes that and runs with it. Like one of his lyrics state,“We are all the same, but on different paths”, meaning we are all equal regardless of what your sexual orientation is. I love that he is bringing that issue to light through music. Most people could care less about what is in the news or what they are reading, but where it hits you, it hits you in the music. I feel that Jason Rylan will take the world by storm with his unique style and his ability to write positive music with meaningful lyrics that sneaks up on your ears. I def give Jason a 5/5 STAR RATING for his album, THE CHARM. 

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