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Jason Rylan: “The Charm” – a sophistication and maturity to both the lyrics and the music! 
Jamsphere 2.02.16

Las Vegas based Jason Rylan says that the positive aspects behind his music are relevant now more than ever. After overcoming several of life’s setbacks, Jason is more than qualified to speak on the transformative power of positive music. “I am living proof that we can move beyond our insecurities and lead a fulfilling life as our true selves” he reflects. Music is the soundtrack of the world” Jason asserts. “It can inspire healing, mood, action and is tremendously important as a spiritual outlet.”

There is a sophistication and maturity to both the lyrics and the music on Jason Rylan’s 15-track album, “The Charm”, that confirms how this artist is finally fulfilling the potential shown on his previous albums. Musicians always seem to be either staying very much the same or evolving into something completely different than the album before. Jason combines the two theories into something incredibly unique and wonderful to listen to on this album.

Overall, “The Charm” is pretty energetic and upbeat, it makes you want to sing and dance along with songs like “Ain’t Nobody”, “Out Loud”, “Killing It” and “Fame Junkie”, but also has a couple of really strong slower songs like “Help Is On The Way” and the “The Charm”, as well as the outstanding mid-tempo melody of “Blindsided”.

This is truly one of those albums that you cannot completely box into any one genre. Jason Rylan dabbles in electronica, dance, pop and rock, while drawing from both retro and modern-day influences. It is his style of writing. Like the Beatles, Jason doesn’t conform to a certain type of music, but rather he evolves his song writing style on each track. Expansive instrumentation and distinctive vocals will envelop you. From the opening track to the closer, with the varied use of guitars, synthesizers and luscious harmonies you may try to find familiarity; and you will, for just long enough, before each following track throws that directly out the window. Balanced with a broad range of acoustic and electronic instruments, the album’s music shows a great range.

Regardless if the sound is upbeat or down, there’s always an energy driving it that really hooks the ear. The tracks are infectious and slippery, playing with the mind and heart while refusing to sit still long enough to be pigeonholed. There is not a point on “The Charm”where it even crosses my mind to skip ahead to the next track. Though edgy and emotional, there is no doubt that these songs are particularly tuned for mainstream radio. Nice big choruses and easily memorized melodies are all readily on hand. And each song leaves you in the perfect place to pick up the next song, and so on.

On “The Charm”, Jason Rylan takes you on an extraordinarily dynamic journey through the exploration of various musical compositions and frameworks, while keeping you grounded with a unifying retro aura that can only leave you in awe. Somehow it all works itself into one coherent album!

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