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“Music is spiritual, it flows through us, moves us, and it heals us. It sparks us to ignite positive change within.”
~Jason Rylan

Jason Rylan Artist Bio

The saying goes, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” However, for one Las Vegas-based songwriter, what he does in “Sin City” is blasted out to thousands of people on the radio. Jason Rylan is the name of this singer, songwriter, and producer. This California-born artist is electrically eclectic. He has an innate ability to blend EDM, electronica, dance, and pop together with a little rock. The result is an amazing amalgam of music. Jason crafts his compositions, so they’re meaning-filled musings written to lift others up.

Jason Rylan’s artistic history began long before he can recall. “My parents were musicians, and they’d jam in the garage when I was a newborn,” explains Ryan. He continues, “They didn’t have a baby monitor, so they hung a mic above my crib when they practiced in the garage.” “Since day one, there’s always been a mic near me and this club and dance-styled producer inside of me,” says Rylan. Perhaps it’s all part of a Jason Rylan’s journey – composing from the cradle to the rave.

Jason taught himself to play keyboards and guitar by ear, with his family helping as well. As a child and teen, he also took traditional lessons for guitar and vocals. He went on to attend Southwest Missouri State University, studying Film Production and attaining a degree in Mass Communications. Working at several FM radio stations in Springfield, Missouri, he had the opportunity to work with Disney Magazine and Rolling Stone.

“I’ve always had a love for visual arts and instrumentation,” offers Rylan. This combination is apparent in his musical interests that include eccentric, filmic and innovative artists that do the same, such as Madonna, Kesha, and Lada Gaga. However, his musical tastes don’t stop there and include classic rock acts such as Van Halen, The Doors, and The Beatles.

Over the course of the last decade, Jason Rylan has released three full-length albums that include his debut, Walk Away, which he launched in 2005. The album coincided with his business venture with Sky Ambient Productions, a Vegas-based audio-visual production company. The most successful single from the project was “Go-Go Boyz,” inspired by the nightly dancers in Las Vegas. The single also had club releases throughout the U.S.A., and a world-wide remix contest hosted by Sony Pictures Digital Media via Jason followed Walk Away with a CD entitled 2012, which hit the airwaves in 2010.

“My first two albums were a hybrid of electronica, dance blended with pop and rock,” Rylan recalls. In 2015, he released his most recent album, The Charm, which exemplified his evolution as a songwriter over the past ten years. “I wanted The Charm to be edgy, eclectic, and inspiring. The Charm showcases hip-hop undertones, a blend of pop, rock, electronica, and dance. Creating the album was a team effort, and Rylan relied on the talents of Talbot Snow, Sham Lewis, Carolyne Scott, and Jedd Boyd. “This gifted team was essential, and they contributed a lot to the album,” adds Rylan. “Help is on the Way,” was the first single to hit the airwaves. The Charm stands as a dazzling display of Rylan’s ability to compose across multiple genres.

Go ahead, call Rylan a “genre junky,” and he’ll take that as a compliment. His creative goal is to make each song unique – both in substance and style. Jason is not afraid to be an avant-garde artist. Jason isn’t afraid to take a gamble with his music in Vegas, and with his positive musings, he usually wins big. Living in “Sin City.” Rylan relies on a higher power for inspiration and is perfectly happy as long as there is a mic in his hand. After all, for Jason Rylan, that microphone has been there - all the way from the cradle to the rave.

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