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Jason Rylan Reinvents LGBT Rock on New Album 'The Charm'
Edge Music Network- 10.29.15

Californian LGBT rock influencer Jason Rylan takes rock on a new journey in his upcoming third album release, "The Charm."

Drawing inspiration from classic rock legends such as The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, Rylan's album is set to be released this coming November. A game changer for the rock music genre, songs such as "Shit's Gonna Get Real" is a Calvin Harris EDM-inspired beat while other tracks are draw on influences from other iconic singers from Madonna and U2 to Alanis Morrisette.

Rylan commented, "I am really excited for my fans to hear what my new album has to offer. When music fans think of rock they normally think of loud drums and the occasional guitar screech. 'The Charm' approaches the rock genre in a completely different way.

"In using some big names in rock as my musical inspiration and my personal life experience for the concepts behind the tracks, I believe I have stumbled upon an artistic combination that reinvents the way that rock music is made and listened to. There is no reason why artists shouldn't use their favourite bands or singers as a musical base. Genres change and I hope 'The Charm' highlights how effortlessly rockers can blend multiple styles, pull on their own personal journey and create something completely unique. It's kind of like taking all the things you enjoy about your favourite artists and using your personal story as the platform from which to bring it all together."

The upcoming 15 track LP is a major step away from Rylan's previous two releases, and is his most personal and emotional work to date. Covering a variety of different themes, the album looks at wanting time with that special someone in "Skyline," and moving on from addiction and other life issues in "Ain't Nobody (Got Time For That)." "It Gets Better" is a positive spin on negative experiences showing LGBT youth that things can change and life does indeed get better.

"The Charm" takes listeners through some of the biggest events in Rylan's life up, to and including his recent 40th birthday celebration. Some of his most emotional work to date, the album is a reflection on life choices, why we make them and how they are instrumental in defining who you are. The crux of Rylan's message truly is that no matter what happens, it is important to pick yourself up and try again.

Rylan explains, "I hope that by sharing my story listeners will feel inspired to live their life the way they want. Nothing is worse than trying to fit a mould or do what you think is expected of you when it doesn't feel right, contradicts who you are and what you believe in. Making this album has shown me that rock doesn't have to be confined to certain parameters, and neither should we as people. Out of my previous releases, this holds the more powerful messages. After all, isn't the time old expression 'third time's the charm!'"

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Jason Rylan is a Californian musician who specialises in rock music. Drawing on many influences including worldwide LGBT events and the work of some of his favourite artists, Rylan works to produce some of the most eclectic music while remaining true to his own style. Founder of Las Vegas audio and visual recording company, Sky Ambient Productions Rylan has worked with stars including Sham Lewis, Talbot Snow and Dane Nagahuki.

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