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CD Single - Released 2006.

Full Length Album - Featuring  

LGBT artists from around the 

world.  Go-Go Boyz featured as

track 3

Released 2008.

Full Length Album - Featuring the songs Soar, Goner, Hot Mess, Go-Go Boyz (Klubjumpers remix), and more.  Released 2010 

Full Length Album - Featuring  

the songs Falter, Walk Away,

Go-Go Boyz, and more.

Released 2006.

Song List

  • Ain't Nobody (Got Time for That)*

  • Skyline 
  • Havoc
  • I'm Just Sayin'
  • It Get's Better*
  • Help is on the Way*
  • ​Share The Love*
  • I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For*+
  • The Charm**
  • Out Loud
  • Killing It*
  • Resurrection on the Dancefloor***
  • Fame Junkie***
  • Shit's Gonna Get Real
  • Blindsided

​​* Featuring Sham Lewis   ** Featuring Carloyne Scott    *** Featuring Jedd Boyd

​+ I Still Havne't Found What I'm Looking For -  Written By Victor Reina, Larry Mullen, Paul David Hewson, Dave Evans, and Adam Clayton

Copyright Universal-PolygramInt'lOboUniversalMusicPublB.V


Walk Away

G CD - Global 2 

Go-Go Boyz