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Jason Rylan Releases Heartfelt Tribute Song to Victims of Vegas Shooting on Anniversary of Tragedy
Broadway World 8.24.2018

Singer songwriter Jason Rylan has written a beautiful, heartfelt song as a tribute to the victims of the tragedy that took place during a concert at the Route 91 Harvest music festival in America's casino capital last year. 'Strong' is dedicated to those whose lives were devastated in October 2017, when a shooter opened fire on a crowd of concert goers, leaving almost 900 injured and 59 deaths.

This touching tribute is set to be released on the first anniversary of the terrible event, October 1st 2018. The song sends a powerful message of hope and endurance in the face of personal and national loss and tragedy. A deeply moving piece with an uplifting, positive message of seeking strength and unity, Rylan has drawn upon his own experiences in creating 'Strong'.

Just a few months before the mass shooting in his hometown, in August 2017, Rylan lost his cousin in a hit and run collision in Denver, Colorado. Despite this painful loss, Rylan has found the strength to put his feelings into words, choosing not to let hardship drag him down, but instead use his art to rise above and inspire others to do the same.

'Strong', which is available through all digital music channels including iTunes and available to download for free on Rylan's website, isn't simply a tribute to those who have sadly passed on, but a form of acknowledgement and thanks to the first responders, emergency services and community who have been touched by loss.

Rylan began writing 'Strong' when he lost his cousin, who he has said was like a little sister to him, suddenly in August 2017. When the shooting at Mandalay Bay occurred, Rylan has said he felt an overwhelming sense of awe at seeing the community come together to care for each other.

Eager to celebrate the inspiring kindness and solidarity shown throughout the country and, indeed, the world in the face of such loss, Rylan is hoping the song will continue the feeling of togetherness for everyone who hears it.The California-born musician, whose talent for composition runs in the family has said: "I'm hoping that anyone still affected by this tragedy or anyone facing a heavy loss finds some comfort, peace, and strength in 'Strong'."

Rylan believes in the immense healing power of music and, though nothing can erase the devastating events of late 2017, he hopes this message, repeated in the song's chorus will help those struggling to cope with adversity: "through weakness comes change, and selfless opportunity to be strong."

"Strong" is now available through all digital media channels and is the first single from the upcoming fourth studio album, set to be released in Spring 2019. The single also features a licensed remake of "Stand By Me" by Ben E. King. A free download of "Strong" is available on Rylan's website for anyone who wishes to join his mailing list. To find out more about Jason Rylan, his music and inspirations, visit


This California-born artist is electrically eclectic. He has an innate ability to blend EDM, electronica, dance, and pop together with a little rock. The result is an amazing amalgam of music. Jason crafts his compositions, so they're meaning-filled musings written to lift others up.

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