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“Jason is able to look backward and forward at the same time, without ignoring the present. Retro-futurist?” - Kevin Mathews, Music Reviewer 10.15.15

(LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA) OCTOBER 15th, 2015 - Is the third time the charm for Jason Rylan? He believes it is. Rylan has an uncanny ability to compose across a myriad of genres. He does this almost magically in his third release, The Charm. With a treasure-trove of fifteen tracks, the album is eclectic, edgy, and inspiring. The Charm showcases hip-hop undertones, a blend of pop, rock, electronica, and dance. If you’re not feeling “The Charm” lately, don’t worry - “Help is on the Way,” - which is the title of his single to hit the airwaves.



The Charm stands apart from his last two releases, Walk Away and 2012. Rylan explains, “I wanted this project to be a special ‘pay it forward’ type of album. My goal was to make each song unique, with familiar catch phrases - all hanging like charms from a bracelet.”Jason incorporates depth and meaning in the album, which is one in which people can relate. Jason says, “I feel that music is very spiritual, it flows through us. Music moves and enlightens people, it ignites change. I believe it can heal people.” Rylan proves this with his first spiritually-fueled single from The Charm entitled, “Help is on the Way.”

Rylan was inspired to write “Help is on the Way” after seeing video footage of various disasters and noticing how people pull together to help each other during trying times. Jason is dedicating “Help is on the Way” to various worthy causes. He explains, “This song is for the homeless, the hungry, and the volunteers - no matter what the cause - to help others to find the light.” Other key songs are the pop/dance explosion of “Ain’t Nobody (Got Time for That,)” and “Skyline” which are compositional collisions of pop and dance with a dash of retro-rock. “Outloud” reflects Rylan’s love of 80s music with an almost Depeche Mode-ish styled synergy.


Recorded at Sound Mastersof Las Vegas, the project features the talents of Carolyne Scott, Sham Lewis, Jedd Boyd and Talbot Snow, all who helped Jason bring the project to fruition. As a musician, Rylan is called a “Retro-futurist” for a reason … He can straddle two eras at once - all while blending genres from each. So, call Doc and get the DeLorean up to eighty-eight miles an hour, because Jason Rylan can take you back to the future. In many ways, Rylan’s third time is The Charm. It’s magical music.

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