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[October 2, 2015]

 November Release Set for Rocker Jason Rylan’s Highly Anticipated Album The Charm

The release date has been set for upcoming Californian rock icon Jason Rylan’s new

release The Charm . Due to be released on November 14th through all well-known

music outlets including iTunes, Amazon and music platform Bandcamp, the LP is set

to be Rylan’s most personal yet.

An eclectic mix of artistic influences,  The Charm draws on Rylan’s love of dance, rock,

pop and electronic music from Madonna and Calvin Harris to Led Zeppelin, The Beatles

and Alanis Morrisette.

Rylan comments, “I am so excited that my album finally has a release date. After working

for countless hours on it, I am now ready to share The Charm with the rest of the world.

“Consisting of 15 original tracks and a unique harmonic cover of U2’s ‘ I Still Haven’t

Found What I’m Looking For’ featuring Sham Lewis my new album has a track for everyone. From the Calvin Harris inspired song ‘ Sh*ts Gonna Get Real’ to the chestnut single, ‘ Help is on the Way’ , I hope that everyone will be able to relate to my album in some way or another. “

One of the biggest artists on the American LGBT rock scene, Rylan created the Las Vegas audio and visual recording company, Sky Ambient Production in 2005.  Once established, Rylan has since worked with musicians including Talbot Snow and Dane Nagahuki of Soundmasters of Las Vegas.

Rylan’s first travel experience for Australia’s Mardi Gras influenced his first single ‘Go-Go Boyz.’ Hitting the waves in 2005 the release was celebrated throughout the USA and was featured in a worldwide remix contest sponsored in part by Sony Pictures Digital Media and Acid Planet.

Since the release of his debut single, Rylan has released many other songs such as ‘ Walk Away’ , inspired by the rocker’s late father and reminiscent of Kelly Clarkson’s 2004 release ‘ Break Away ’.

Rylan added, “I hope that listeners see how far I have come musically and can feel the emotion that resonates throughout each song. With influences from some of the biggest stars in the world there is something for everyone no matter their musical tastes.”

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Jason Rylan is a Californian musician who specialises in rock music. Drawing on many influences including worldwide LGBT events and the work of some of his favourite artists, Rylan works to produce some of the most eclectic music while remaining true to his own style. Founder of Las Vegas audio and visual recording company, Sky Ambient Productions Rylan has worked with stars including Sham Lewis, Talbot Snow and Dane Nagahuki. 

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[September 24, 2015] Recording Artist Jason Rylan To Release "The Charm", An Album With Positively And Vast Musical Style!

Las Vegas, Nevada; 24, September 2015: Born in Anaheim, California in 1975, Jason Rylan grew up surrounded by musicians. At a young age, he was introduced to the local music scene of Anaheim by way of family members playing in garage bands at small bars and other venues. It was here that he gained the knowledge and appreciation for music that led him to Missouri State, where he studied communications and interned for the Sunburst Media promotions department, Alice 95.5 FM, and KGBX 104.9 FM. During this time, his promotions were featured in prominent publications including Disney Magazine and Rolling Stone. He also studied film production at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, where he assisted with sound and lighting on a number of student films, documentaries, and a few major motion picture productions.

For the past decade, Rylan has used his educational background in music and the arts to become a prominent electronic recording artist. Influenced by popular artists such as Madonna, Alanis Morissette, and Jewel, Rylan combines his love of up-tempo pop music with his other edgier musical interests such as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and the doors. It is this union of pop and rock that has allowed Rylan to create his own unique brand of dance music that is catchy, avant-garde, and lyrically deep. In 2006, he released his landmark album titled "Walk Away", featuring the club single "Go-Go Boyz", which was included on the G Global CD 2, an album that showcased prominent artists in the LGBT community.

In November 2015, Rylan will release his third full-length album, "The Charm". Named after the saying "third time's a charm". Rylan believes that his new album highlights his evolution as an artist and provides listeners with a positive, spiritual message, while retaining the edge that has always been present in his music. Recorded with Pro-Tools at the Soundmasters of Las Vegas and home studios, "The Charm" features anthemic ballads, infectious dance songs, and substantive indie tracks. The tracks are backed by textured melodies and intelligent, uplifting lyrical content. Although shying away from creating videos for his songs in the past, Rylan does plan to release videos for some of the songs that will appear on the album.

"The Charm" will be available on November 14 on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, Bandcamp, and all of the usual online music retailers. In addition, some retailers will accept pre-orders for digital download. For more information about Jason Rylan, "The Charm", and his rich blend of deep, electronic, indie pop infusion, visit http://www.JasonRylan.Rocks.

For Media Contact:

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3000 Records
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[June 20, 2010] Jason Rylan "2012" Now Available- Jason Rylan's '2012' is now available on,, and More retailers and news coming soon!

[May 31, 2010] 2012 Q & A - Check out the latest Q&A session about the '2012' album project by clicking 2012 Q & A.
[May 30, 2010] Jason Rylan"2012" Available June 30th!Preorders will ship on or before June 30th, 2010. To listen to samples and preorder your copy, please click here to visit the2012 Order Page.

[November 29, 2009] Jason Rylan"2012" - Sky Ambient Productions, Inc. recording artist, Jason Rylan, releases CD Single ‘2012’ as the title track for his next upcoming Full-Length feature album. ‘2012’ intertwines the current economic views and global conditions alongside the mythologies and superstitions derived from the ancient Mayan calendar. Rylan releases in perfect timing with the feature length film ‘2012’ recently catapulting into movie theaters in Early November 2009. ‘2012’ is musically groundbreaking and as innovative as Prince’s ‘1999’. The single has tribal brooding rock base with Rylan’s signature electronic canvass.

“Jason Rylan’s music project is an instantly like-able journey of: experimental-electronic, mostly-dance-oriented songs – that are loaded with: fresh new instrumental sounds, catchy vocal hooks, infectious beats and thoughtful lyrics. Creatively speaking, he is unafraid to try new things, which makes both making – and listening to – his music an interesting exploration.” states Talbot Snow (Producer/Sound Masters of Las Vegas). “Each song has it’s own unique characteristics – differing from one song to the next. No two are exactly alike. Included, is a definite mainstream sensibility – mixed with a combination of: edgy, sometimes unusual twists and turns – in the arrangements / production. His song 2012 is at once: mystical, prophetic, catchy, intriguing, relatable and sing-able for everyone. As a music-producer / co-producer I have enjoyed working with Jason and his ever-evolving multi-media music-project. I recommend that anyone looking for a fresh new twist in: a fun, music-listening-adventure – give Jason’s project a definite go!”

“I was really excited to see the film. I think the film is an excellent portrayal of many subconscious fears and a story of survival” comments Rylan on the recent motion picture. “‘I started working the music project about a year and a half ago. ‘2012’ is a phenomenon dating back to so many ancient civilizations. I’m sure it will captivate interest and universal intrigue for many years to come.”

The single is scheduled for digital release in late January/Early February 2010 through CD Baby and The Orchard distribution channels. The Full-Length album is tentatively scheduled for release in Fall 2010. The album features notable tracks such as the increasingly popular ‘Hot Mess’, ‘Love of a Lifetime’, ‘Goner’, and ‘Survivor’.
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[June 4, 2008] Jason Rylan listed on 'G Global CD 2' - Sky Ambient recording artist releases 'Go-Go Boys' as part of the 'G Global CD 2', a compilation cd featuring songs from GLBT recording artists world wide from over 14 countries!

[May 1, 2007] Jason Rylan on - Sky Ambient Productions, Inc. delivers a brand new National Ad campaign to Just in time for Gay Pride, Jason Rylan's 'Go-Go Boyz' will be featured on web banners under the local scene of The national ad campaign will be featured through the end of July. Sign up for our mailing list to win Free Merchandise and check back with us for more news.

[April 10, 2007] Brand New Website - The artist website for Jason Rylan ( undergoes a new sexy and very sleek design. Jason Rylan CD's and product is now available for purchase directly on the webiste. Show your support by orderring direct and save!

[March 26, 2007] Photo Shoot by Jon Wayne Productions. Jason Rylan teams up with Jon Wayne Productions for the new ad campaign on Check out the latest gallery photos with the hot models Chance and Ricki.

[12/24/06] Official Release Party at Krave Nightclub!
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[10/24/05] 'Go-Go Boyz' release party at Goodtimes Bar & Nightclub in Las Vegas.

[10/15/05] Rylan performs 'Go-Go Boyz' at National Coming Out Day (NCOD) Street Party in Las Vegas.

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